segunda-feira, 29 de setembro de 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Dear all,
Welcome to this wonderful tool for learning English. From now on we are going to be posting our ideas and replies in this cyberspace. Fell free to use your creativity.

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Carina disse...

The first "comentário"!!! Well, I have some great tips to help you teach kids!!! :) Would you like some? :)

Maria da Luz disse...

Dear Victor,
I agree with you on 'we are all teachers and learners'. Sometimes I feel I learn more than my kids.
BTW, I love your photo. Where was it taken?

Victor Botelho disse...

Dear Maria da Luz,
The picture was taken in Ushuaia, which is the southerst city in the world. It is in Argentina and it is beautiful. If you like to go skiing, there is no better place in Latin America.

eLearningCTJ disse...

Dear Victor,

Great start! I'm sure you'll find a good use to this blog. Do you have already any idea of what your main goal will be for it? Or the public for it?

Remember, blogging is establishing a conversation with your reader. How would you encourage, provoke readers to leave comments, to start an interaction here? I saw your concerns about your past experience with blogging and I hope to give you some insights. Remember, blogging simply doesn't happen. It's habit creation, persistence, maturity. It gets better as you blog more and more. Believe me!

Oh, just a tip. Go to your profile in your dashboard and change the language to English so that your sidebar is all in English.

I'm sure Carina will have lots of tips for you to teach kids!!! heheheh.

Cristina Costa disse...

Hi Victor!
Welcome to the blogsphere!
Love your blog title. It says it all. That's just the right approach. we are all here to learn from and with, as especially with, eachother. It's a two way road. Great Stuff.
Keep blogging; keep connecting - let's keep learning! ;-)

GilMattos disse...

Hi Victor,
I also liked the name of your blog. I cannot imagine myself without learning something and I also love the idea of teaching, sharing information. This is what makes us feel alive, active. Just like me you also like music. Visit my blog. You mentioned your favorite song. Do you have a favorite singer? Band? Do you use music in the classroom? Good luck!!

Ana Luisa disse...

Hi Victor,
I agree with you, we are all learners and teachers. I've already learnt a lot with your ideas. Thanks a lot...
Ana Luisa.

Dennis disse...

Hi, Victor.

I also agree that "We are all teachers and learners." Some of the best learning experiences that I have had have been when I learned along with students (sometimes facilitating students' learning, sometimes letting students teach ME).

I also like the photo! Have you seen this website about Usuhaia?

Best wishes from Arizona, U.S.A.!

Dennis in Phoenix